Vintage Diva

This is my most popular skirt, and the most customizable!  The look completely changes when worn with different items, as shown in the pictures below:

Possible Fabrics:

This style of skirt can be made out of practically any woven (non-stretch) fabric – the only exceptions are super thick fabrics, like fur or vinyl.  If it’s a stiff fabric, like taffeta or organza, you will have a fluffier look.  If it’s a softer fabric, like satin or brocade, the skirt will have a more flowy look.

Possible Trims:

This style of skirt can be trimmed with any of my trims – from gorgeous 8 inch wide Venise Lace, to narrow satin ruffle.  When you switch up the trim, I recommend also switching up the accents at the hips.  I have ribbons for bows that match any of my ribbon ruffle trims, and for Venise Lace versions, either matching Venise lace appliques, or a frog clasp placed vertically over the pleats looks nice.  For a more industrial look, I can accent the sides with leather buckle pieces.