Stock Discount (15% off)

If it’s in stock, and ready to ship, I offer a discount of 5% off.  I make in-stock items in batches, so crafting them does take slightly less time.

Photoshoot Discount (20% off)

I make pretty gowns for photoshoots fairly regularly.  These are worn for only an hour or so, then washed and starched, and listed in my shop at a 10% discount.  My current selection of photoshoot gowns can be seen here:

Size Small Photoshoot GownsOther Size Photoshoot Gowns

In rare cases, I can offer a pre-order photoshoot discount – if you meet the following requirements:

  • Size small, average to tall height
  • Extended processing time (6-8 weeks or possibly up to 10 if I’m swamped with custom orders.)
  • Spring, Summer, or Fall weather coinciding with me finishing the gown (I do photoshoots outdoors)
  • What you are ordering is something I want to get pictures of!

If the first three conditions are possible, and think you might also meet the last, feel free to ask me about it!

Gently Used Discount (35-50% off)

I have a bad habit of going klepto on things, and then wearing them only once or twice!  So you’ll see very gently used things for sale in my shop fairly frequently.  I typically post these in my etsy shop’s clearance section.

This clearance section also contains regular clearance items – older designs, and one-of-a-kind items made to test out a new pattern.

Full Set Discount (5% off)

I like clothing people from head to toe.  So if you buy a full set (which includes a corset) from me, I’ll offer an additional 5% off.  So custom-made sets come to 15% off, in-stock sets come to a total of 20% off, Photoshoot Sample sets come to a total of 25% off, etcetera.  Your set MUST include a corset to qualify for this discount.

Please don’t ask for a discount!  My items are labor intensive to create, and my prices are based on labor costs, materials cost, and the hourly wage needed to support my family.  Because of this, my prices are firm.  If I’m making you a custom listing, I’ll include your discount in the price, if you qualify.  And all discounts are figured into the listings in my etsy shop, already.  That’s why adding a corset to your order adds very little to the total price for many of my listings.  🙂