About Me

collageIf I had to choose one motto or adage that I live by it would be that I refuse to EVER outgrow playing dress up.  Whatever the occasion, if it’s a chance to go in costume, I’ll be there with bells on!  (Literally speaking, most of the time, as I’m a belly dancer!)

I’ve been designing clothing since I learned to hold a pencil at age 4.  At 12, my Mother sat me down and showed me how to use a sewing machine, and I started designing and making barbie doll clothes. In my early teens I disovered the Victorian era, and was hopelessly, irrepressibly hooked.

I made gowns from whatever I had on hand, which at the time, wasn’t much.  Old curtains, donated fabric, thrift shop prom gowns de-constructed – if it was pretty and had a remotely Victorian aesthetic, I could make something cool out of it!  My friends and I started a high tea/historical society of sorts, and we had a ball getting together in our re-constructed finds, and playing Victorian lady for an afternoon here and there.

I started belly dancing in early adult-hood.  It was then that I saw the possibilities of doing what I love for a living.  With a continual market of new dancers looking for pretty things that can’t be bought in the store, I saw an opportunity, and opened an online store.

My store has evolved over the years – from Tribal style flair to Burlesque to Gothic Victorian.  I love lace, and can’t seem to resist sneaking it into almost everything I make.

I live in Rhode Island with my husband and two adorable young sons.  When I’m not sewing or spending quality time goofing off with family, you can find me wandering round unusual places and spaces.  Steampunk meets, belly dance haflas, high teas, cosplay conventions, and drum circles are a few of my favorite activities.

Should you happen to meet me at a Steampunk event, I might introduce myself as “Aurelia Lynne Lovelace” (who loves lace) or “Aura-Lynne”, since Aurelia Lynne is rather a mouthful.  At belly dance performances, I go by my stage name, “auralynne”.

Thanks for reading!

~Kristina, aka “auralynne”