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Gothic Wedding Dress – Black Swan

Does this gothic wedding dress look familiar?  It’s very nearly the same thing I’m wearing in the photos from last week.  I switched out the jacket and hat, and it turned into a whole new alternative bridal ensemble.

These photos show a black gothic wedding dress, but I can also craft this look in white, red, and ivory.  Order it custom made here.

The hat is another of my handmade creations – a mini tricorn Marie Antoinette style hat in solid black.

The jewelry in the photos is by my sister.


Gothic Wedding Dress – Cerulean Dreams

When most people think of a Gothic wedding dress, they think in all-black. I love colors, though.  And since I tend to spend lots of times staring at very long stretches of sewing in all black, when I’m making a dress for a photoshoot, I like to choose something bright and fun.

This alternative wedding dress is made in a shade of turquoise deep enough to call “Cerulean.”  I’m obsessed with the color.

I can also make this gown in other stunning color combinations – red and black, purple and black, white and black, and more.

If you would like to order this dress custom made to fit you perfectly, I offer it here. The gorgeous jewelry I’m wearing in the photos is, as always, by Vixen’s Delight.


Brothers Steampunk Victorian Photoshoot

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures from our photoshoot  at the Vermont Steampunk Festival. These pictures show my youngest son, JJ, wearing a commissioned vest from The DarleneScene.  The key was something he made at the craft table. This picture makes me think one of my favorite classic books, The Secret Garden.

And this picture basically sums up JJ’s personality. (He is a goober.)

The following pictures are of my oldest son, Tristan. I believe he was trying to actually model for me, but was not sure whether to copy his younger brother by being a goober, or to copy Mommy’s fashion-model-style posing!

Darlene’s vests are amazing! We were incredibly impressed by the quality and the fit was great. I gave her the boys measurements and asked to have enough growing room for about a year and it has worked out to exactly as I requested. We plan to order more when the boys outgrow these.

September 2017 Monthly Roundup

I’ve decided to start a monthly tradition! After the end of each month, I’ll take a bit of time to share with all of you what I’ve been up to.

I hope you’ll enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at Auralynne, and the chance to catch up on any info you may have missed on social media.

…Has been busy but great! I’ve taken on a partner – as of August, and this month she was trained in enough things to really save me a lot of time. This time of year it can be very difficult to keep up with customer inquiries on top of the amount of custom sewing orders I have – so it’s been great having a second person around.

We had an epic photoshoot planned for September! With beaches all having free parking after Labor Day, and the surprisingly warm weather, I thought it might be awesome to visit one of them in pirate costume (complete with props) and take some photos. Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course!

But you know how best laid plans work… The first photo-day had to be postponed when my sister caught sick, and then some unexpected delays while working on custom orders ran me late on my sewing, and I had to sew solid for about three week’s time to catch up!

We did manage to snag some pretty photos of my burgundy/gold/beige gown in between doing festival stuff at the Vermont Steampunk festival. Here are a few of my favorites:

Victorian Bridal dress Victorian Bridal dress Victorian Bridal dress

You can see the rest of the photos in my Portfolio.

I didn’t actually get any new patterns made this month because, well, Halloween season – but I did a little tweak to my “Tuxedo Skirt” pattern. I added pleats in the back and I think it’s at least 150% cuter now!

Victorian RWBY

New things for Sale

Here is a little teaser of a few of the new things I posted for sale in my etsy shop this month:

Monthly Giveaway

This cute little hat was the prize for September’s monthly facebook giveaway. Congrats to the winner!

Victorin mini top hat

Thanks for reading, and happy October everyone!

2016 Summer Photo Shoots – Wigging Out!

Over this summer, I made a discovery.  Wigs are fun!  And they cut down photo prep time by quite a bit since I can style a wig just once, and wear it multiple times.

And the only part of a wig that looks fake is the part, which is covered by my nearly always wearing a hat!  The wig in the above picture was one of my first attempts at styling – and since it’s a great easy style to do, I plan to post a tutorial.  Watch for it on this blog within the next couple of months!

In these photos, I’m wearing a steampunk costume which features my “princess” swag sleeves.  They are a great way to inexpensively cover all those problem areas that tend to emerge if wearing a corset without a matching shrug.  If you like the look, it can be purchased in my etsy shop here.

Slightly later in the summer, I decided to be a redhead for a bit with help from the wig in these photos!

I call this look “Lovely in Lace”.  I love how vibrant the red wig is against the green of nature and the blue I’m wearing!

I again donned blue for the following photos – and although the pattern is actually exactly the same as the above style, the black, the stripes, and the mini top hat give my outfit a cirque noir look.

I didn’t style the blonde wig – I bought it that way!  It’s made to look like the fairy godmother in the live action version of Cinderella.  Lol blonde isn’t my best color – but sometimes I’m going for a look that needs that bit of pseudo-baroque-ness – and on goes the little blonde wig!  The outfit can be custom-requested in my etsy shop, or if you will fit the size-small photoshoot sample, it’s posted for sale here.

These were just early wig stylings.  Since then I’ve figured out Baroque wig styling, Victorian updos, and more!  I’m enjoying playing with some new wigs now during the cold months, and once it gets warm, I’ll be able to get some more fun “wigging out” photos!  And again, watch for upcoming wig-styling tutorials, to be posted right here.  🙂

Wait… It's a new year already?

It really seemed like the year FLEW by.  I hear that this happens more and more the older you get… but I’m hoping to at least feel more accomplished by the end of 2017!

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything… well, anywhere (other than etsy listings) and looking back over the year, I realize that there are a ton of gorgeous photos that I never even posted on my blog!  So here we go: 2016 Photos I Failed to Post at the Time they were Taken, Part 1!

“Steampunk Seduction” Plum
“Steampunk Siren” Burgundy
“Steampunk Splendor” Olive

These are from a shoot in March of last year.  It was at a very pretty Victorian bed and breakfast in New Hampshire.  I had recently gotten in some pretty pleated satin trim, and was experimenting with using it to mix up the look of some of my existing designs.  I love the double ruffle look!

This first design is modeled by Tricia Lore.  Makeup by model, hair by me!

Next up, Stephanie Allison wearing my “Vintage Diva” look but with a steampunk twist – double ruffle trim in black and ivory.  Makeup and hair by Ky Elizabeth Maxim.

And lastly, Lea Marie Morris, wearing a gown with a new skirt design that I’m calling “Temptation”.  It can easily be made shorter or longer in the front by taking less fabric into the pleats, so it’s a great customizable design.  Makeup by model, hair by me.

I’ll post the rest of the photos I missed over the next few weeks! 🙂

2016 Halloween Roundup

It’s that wonderful time of year again, where all these darkly delightful things start appearing in stores, people all over start imagining something creepy and/or awesome to become for a while, and all good custom-costume seamstresses are attached to sewing machine via ball and chain!

Lol I had big plans to have my stock-room-full-of-pretty all ready to list in my store by now.  But life had other plans!  And no complaints – despite my temporary state of crazy, this is my absolute favorite time of year both in work and in play – I’d rather be crazy than idle.  :oD

In lieu of actual shop listings, I thought it might be worth it to at least post pictures of all the pretty outfits I have made and are ready to ship.  I’m going to post them by size, starting with the larger sizes since there are less of them.  Most of them are samples made for photoshoots, and thus are available at an awesome discount.  If I have the outfit posted for sale, I’ll link, but otherwise, feel free to contact me thru etsy or my store for a custom listing and/or more information.  If you refer to your look by the title and color – from the image caption, then I’ll know which one you mean.  I have a lot of outfits!

First, my sizing charts:


— Size XL —

This is a Victorian Vixen style jacket made to test and tweak my pattern.  The model in the photos is 5’3″ – and the length works best for about 5’3-5’6″.  The hat is available too!

(photos by, left to right: RJ Previlege Photography and Many Faces Photography.  Model: Jennie Nunes)

I also have one “Vintage Diva” skirt in stock in size XL: (SOLD)


And solid black satin corsets to match!

— Size Large —

I don’t yet have photos of this – but I have one of my belted jackets in stock in size Large.  It’s burgundy and gold and black, and has a very steampunk look.

Also in stock in Large, Vintage Diva skirts in Black, Purple, Sapphire Blue, and Ivory.

I do intend to eventually stock L shrugs in every color – but all I’ve completed so far is black!  So this full “Vintage Diva” look is possible for immediate shipment:

And lace overlay/Satin corsets to match every color listed, and most likely one hat or fascinator in each color!  It makes a super cute Saloon-girl look.

— Size M(top) / L(skirt) —

Since several of my models fit this model, I occasionally make photoshoot samples in split sizing.

Everything she’s wearing is available – including the hat!  Photos by Europa Photography, Model is Jessica Anafia.

— Size Medium —

The “Vintage Beauty” look in the last photo is in stock in alternate colors also, including: BlackPurple, RedSapphire Blue, as well as the pictured Ivory.  Also a one-of-a-kind set in Navy Blue.  The navy/black lacy corset is more of a S/M which best fits busts 35.5-37 and waists 27-31.

— Size Small / Medium —

These were the first skirts made from a new pattern – so although I intended to make them in size Small, the size they turned out was more Small/Medium.  They fit low hips from about 37-40 inches.  The plum top is still size small – but the leather outfit has sleeves which could be attached to a corset in your exact waist size – which means it can work for either a size small or Medium.

— Size Small —

Most of my models wear a size small, and I wear a size small, so holy wow are there a lot of size small outfits in my stock closet!  So I’m doing just one gallery and no descriptions to save time!

Several of these sets are posted for sale in this section of my store.

— Size XS —

I have just one outfit in size Extra Small, and I don’t have pictures of it!  It’s a shrug and skirt made from my standard “Vintage Diva” pattern, but with an awesome gothy twist – in place of the bows, there are these little leather buckles at sleeves, hips, and neck.  It’s made from a black satin jacquard fabric with a dragon pattern, and it’s trimmed in red lace.