Christmas in January!

It’s probably a bit too late for Christmas-y pics?  Oh well, I forgot to post them in December when they were taken, so here goes!

gown by auralynne

My sister in law Megan is wearing a new-ish design – a high low purple cloak.  It was intended to be floor length on myself or my sister, so it’s awesomely long and trailing on her:

cloak by auralynne

These were taken outside the Westerly library, before the Christmas decorations came down.  It always makes me sad when the decorations have to go away, and it’s just plain old boring winter from there out.  If Christmas were in February, that would be perfect, because then when the decorations come down, at least winter is almost over!

/end rant/


This is my favorite cloak picture.  I love how bright the purple satin on the inside is!


The folks at the library were AWESOME.  Megan told us we should check out the inside – that it was a gorgeous Victorian era building.  We poked our heads in, and the library staff were like OMG you look so awesome/why are you dressed up/ you match the building perfectly!

Their excitement made me brave enough to ask if they minded if we snapped a few pictures.  We did match the building perfectly.  🙂

DSC_0767 DSC_0781 DSC_0800

The sad part is EVERY picture blurred out horribly.  Apparently I have a lot to learn about indoor photography.  But these I was at least able to edit to death to make them presentable.

The library had some awesome holiday themed  book sculptures there, and we snapped a couple pics of Megan with them, just for kicks.


Those did turn out quite clear.  I think the lights saved them.

Many thanks to the friendly folks at the Westerly library for letting us borrow their gorgeous building for a few!

Photo credits:

Model, purple gown: Megan Gavin
Model, green gown: auralynne
Model, red gown: Andrea Daunis of Vixen’s Delight
Gowns and hats by auralynne, Jewelry by Vixen’s Delight
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