How to Measure Yourself

Printable measurements page here.

Wear a well fitting but unpadded bra.  Have a friend or a significant other help – you’ll get more accurate measurements that way.

Bust: Measure around the chest at fullest.

Underbust: Measure at bra band beneath the bust.

Waist:  Measure at smallest point.

High Hips: Measure halfway between smallest waist and widest hips.

Low Hips: Around butt or upper thighs (whichever is widest).

Upper Arm: Around the biceps.

Back Width: Across the back with arms relaxed, to the point where arms meet the back.

Torso Height x2: Tie a string around your waist. Measure from the string, over the bust, and around the back of the neck.

Skirt Length: From high hip to the floor, in your shoes.

Click here to print a page with these measurements.

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