Have you ever wondered what I’m about to make, and whether I could make something just for you while I’m at it? Welcome to my pre-orders page, where you can see what’s next in my sewing schedule, and order something made just for you.

What’s next

I’m currently working on a customer’s custom wedding dress, and after it’s finished, I’m going to take some time off sewing to work on my website! I plan to have a custom orders section of my site completed by mid March – where you’ll be able to order both custom wedding dresses, and custom costumes.

More Handmade Items

I’m running low on just about every single thing I like to keep ready-to-ship, so there are quite a few things available made-to-order right now!

Made-to-Order Waitlist

These pieces are all things that are waiting for a few more people to join the waitlist before I can offer them made-to-order. Many of my unique fabrics and trims must be ordered by the roll – and/or from a supplier with a large minimum order requirement. When I’m running low on these fabrics/trims, I need to offset the cost to re-stock with multiple orders from customers. If you would like to see these pieces become available, please sign up to the waitlist today!

Waitlist Sign up here, and I'll send you an email when custom orders are available for this item.