Pre Orders

My designs, although gorgeous…

Custom Costumes

…are rather time consuming to make!  I used to offer custom orders, but I’ve learned (the hard way) that I can’t keep up.

But I love making things just for you!  So I came up with a way to keep offering made-to-measure items that won’t eat up all my time.

Would you to get in on the fun?  Then please sign up for my email newsletter below.  Once per month, I’ll send you an email.  At the bottom of the email, there will be a secret link.  Each month, I offer exclusive, made to measure designs just for my email subscribers.


I’ll also tell you what I’ve been up to that month, and share the inside story of my costume design business, because, well, it is an email newsletter.  ^.^

My newsletter is also the best way to connect with me.  I sometimes even take ideas sent to me by my email subscribers, and bring them to life in a new gown design!