Belladonna Women’s Pirate Hat (made to order)


Plunder the high seas, Victorian style, in this gorgeous ladies pirate hat. It’s made of a soft cotton poly blend and trimmed all around with lace and pleated ribbon. The sides are permanently attached to the crown so it will keep its beautiful tricorn shape. Each uptake point is adorned with a skull and crossbones set in an ornate frame.

It’s the perfect piece to complete your costume, and guaranteed to make you feel like a pirate queen wherever you choose to wear it.


About This Item

I’m making these to order!  I have a new batch of hat bases arriving any day now, and once they come in, I plan to make a new batch of these hats!

Custom Options

The custom option in this listing is only available for a limited time – until I make the batch of hats, that is.  This hat can be made in black, with black lace, and any of these trims:

“Custom Color” hats can also be made with customized jewelry accents as well.  I have pirate skulls in both silver and bronze, octopuses in silver, gears (for a steampunk pirate look), and more.  Contact me to discuss options before purchasing, if you’d like something made to match a specific look.

Matching Pirate Costumes

For my standard (non-custom) hat colors, I have matching pirate costumes available!  They’re posted for sale in my etsy shop.