Wonderland Black and White Stripe Garter Leggings


Are you ready to fall thru the looking glass?

These garter leggings have a delightful Alice in Wonderland flair – with vertical stripes and black lace trim top and bottom. The fabric is comfy stretchy cotton, with tiny silver pinstripes in between a half-inch white and black stripe.

These are now available made-to-order in your choice of size and length!  Which means all sizes (including XL/2X and 3X/4X) and all lengths (including extra long, or 35 inch inseam) are now available.  Once I create this batch of garter leggings, plus sizes and extra long length will no longer be available.  If you need either of these customizations, please order your pair today.


About This Item

These leggings won’t stay up on their own! You’ll need to wear them with a garter belt, or as shown in the photos, with a pair of my garter shorts.


Leg Circumference: 16.5-19 inches

Leg Circumference: 19.5-22 inches

~XL/2X (limited time)~
Leg Circumference: 22.5-26 inches

~3X/4X (limited time)~
Leg Circumference: 26.5-30 inches

Leg circumference is measured around your leg halfway between crotch and knee.


Short: 29” inseam, height about 5’3-5’5”
Regular: 31” inseam, height about 5’5-5’7”
Long: 33″ inseam, height around 5’7-5’9″

Extra Long (limited time): 35″ inseam height around 5’9-5’11”

Inseams are barefoot, and measured using my garter shorts. If you want to wear these with heels, I recommend ordering one size longer!

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