Fabric Face Mask


These days, thanks to the germ-pocalypse, we should all be wearing masks in public. If the fabrics seen out in the muggle world just aren’t cutting it for you – no worries, I’ve got you covered. 😉

I have 10 fabrics available total – the 6 available here, plus 4 more that I got to be able to make masks for men. Those will be coming either next weekend or the weekend after to my shop.


About This Item

I make my own patterns, and I’m a stickler for things having a perfect fit. So no surprise – when I went to make masks for myself, friends and family, I found that none of the patterns out there met my standards!

My pattern is unique in that the fit portion is done with darts. There’s a nose dart, a dart for each cheek, and two darts for the chin. This makes the mask conform PERFECTLY to the shape of your face, with zero gaps anywhere.

Each mask has a nose wire (23 gauge, plastic covered), an inner lining (uber-soft cotton gauze), and a center pocket to insert a filter. Filter size needs to be 4″x3.5″. I recommend drying out a pack of antibacterial skin wipes, and cutting them into filters for your mask.

I leave these unfinished so I can customize them to your preference. There are two options – elastic straps, and cotton ties.

If you’re intending to wear your mask just when you go out, and you want to be able to take it on and off quickly, I recommend elastic straps. If you will be wearing it all day at work, I recommend cotton ties. Since I complete these to order, the elastic straps will be cut to perfectly fit your face. So they’ll be perfectly comfortable for a few hours or more, but I don’t recommend wearing any elastic-ear-strap mask all day every day.

The ties are made from a flexible and soft cotton tape, that’s folded in half and stitched down. They are durable, easy to tie, and stay put very well.

How to Measure

If you’re ordering a mask with elastic straps, I’ll customize it for you so it fits comfortably. To do this, I’ll need a face measurement. To take this, you’ll need some ribbon, or string that doesn’t stretch. Take the string, hold it under your nose, and wrap around an ear from top to bottom. Pull the string back out over your chin, wrap around the other ear from bottom to top, and bring back to your nose. Mark or cut the strings where they meet. Then lay the string flat against a yardstick or long ruler to measure it.

Available Fabrics


This fabric is zodiac/constellation themed, but it’s quite heavy on the dragons and mermaids, so it makes a great mask for those of us in the DnD/Larping crowd. I cut each one singly – and line up the pattern so that there’s something interesting visible each time. But each mask will have a slightly different look because of how the print lines up.

~Steampunk Keys~

This is my highest quality fabric – nice and thick, and dyed rather than printed so the black will be very colorfast. The keys are dark gold tone metallic.

~Dark Floral~

This one’s more understated. It’s black and pale grey/white floral, with just a bit of silver metallic mixed in with the flowers. Probably my most objectively pretty fabric.

~Boho Floral~

Another seriously pretty fabric – a paisley print in sage green, chocolate brown, beige, and metallic gold.

~Pirate Skulls~

This is an all over print of white skull and crossbones – with skulls glittered silver. It’s a bit more sparkly than it appears to be in the photos. Haha I’m unsure whether it’s a unisex fabric because of the glitter! If you’re a man purchasing this, please be aware that the skulls have a glitter overlay.


This was my first fabric print purchased, and I take extra care to be sure each one is cut at a place to look nice. It’s a bit large for masks, however! If you purchase this style, please be aware that your mask could look quite a bit different than the one pictured.


And now for the obligatory (if somewhat obvious) disclaimer. This is not an N-95 mask. It is not intended for use by health care professionals.

I do, however, take the following precautions, so your mask will arrive to you ready to wear. After I’m done making these, I wash them on hot/hot, then I wash my hands, and wear a mask myself while transferring them to the dryer, and after they complete their dry cycle. Then each mask is immediately transferred from the dryer into a sandwich bag and sealed. (I’m not sick, but I prefer to act with an overabundance of caution!)

No Returns

For the sanitary reasons mentioned above, and because of the below-cost price at which I’m selling these masks, I CANNOT offer returns. (I’m making them to help, not to profit.) Thus, all mask sales are final.