Fishnet Stripe Lace Stockings Victorian Steampunk Burlesque


Showcase you love of stripes with this adorable pair of fishnet lace stockings. They are trimmed in 6 inches of ultra wide lace – in a floral pattern. The stockings themselves are fishnet with an alternating pattern of vertical stripes and diamond crisscross.

IMPORTANT – Please see the final photo for the design of the stockings you will receive!  The on-a-model photos are a discontinued stocking pattern, although the lace trim style is the same.


About This Item

The stockings are made from nylon lycra, and will make your legs look both slimmer and more shapely. The fabric is a high quality blend with lots of stretch and decent snag resistance. Even with frequent use, these will last you a very long time.

My stockings are designed to fit smoothly without creating unsightly bulges, so they won’t stay up on their own. You’ll need a garter belt to hold them up. Or, if you would like to own the cute and comfy look in the pictures, you can purchase a pair of my garter shorts.

Size Charts

It can be nearly impossible to find cute stockings in multiple sizes. And we all know that one size does NOT fit all! My stockings come in sizes, so they will fit you perfectly.

Leg Circumference 16-19″ 19-22″ 22-26″

Leg circumference is measured around your leg halfway between crotch
and knee.