Imperial Belladonna Steampunk Corset


Which style do you like best – Gothic, or Steampunk? With this beautiful corset, you won’t need to decide. It’s made of brocade in black – the universal Goth color – and accented with faux leather trim. Buttons and chains in bright silver bring the Steampunk.

Sizing Info


About This Item

When I first decided to purchase a Steampunk corset for myself, this is the one I chose. The draping design of the chains is so flattering to the waist. It is an overbust corset – it covers the bust – so you can wear it without a chemise. It has swing clasps in chrome plated metal up the front. The sides are spiral steel boned, but the bones beneath the clasps are plastic. So I most recommend this style for naturally curvy figures and those with muscular torsos.

The design is very military inspired. This is a great corset for a gothy pirate costume, a steampunk witch costume, or any number of Steampunk and/or Gothic costume ideas. And if you pair it with a handmade skirt from my collection, you’ll have a full (and fabulous) look.

Size Charts

Bust 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″ 40-42″
Waist 26-28″ 28-30″ 30-32″ 32-34″ 34-36″
High Hips 32-34″ 34-36″ 36-38″ 38-40″ 40-42″