La Rose Gothique Black Lace Garter Leggings


These striped garter leggings invite baby blue to step outside its comfort zone. They’re a beguiling blend of sass and innocence, with vertically placed stripes for a slimming effect and a hint of neo-victorian charm. The flared leg bottoms move adorably while you walk, dance, and strut, and they will complete your costume quite awesomely.


About This Item

These leggings won’t stay up on their own!  You’ll need to wear them with a garter belt, or as shown in the photos, with a pair of my garter shorts, available here.

I have a bit more fabric to work through, but once I do, I am discontinuing my garter leggings.  If you like these, and one of the pairs I have in stock will fit you, please don’t miss out!


Hips: 33-36″ | Knee Circumference: 12-13″

Hips: 36-40″ | Knee Circumference: 13-14″

Hips: 40-45″ | Knee Circumference: 14-16″

Hips: 45-51″ | Knee Circumference: 16-18″

Hips: 51-58″ | Knee Circumference: 18-21″

If you are intending to buy my garter pant tops to wear with these, inseam on all pants is 32 inches. Actual completed length of the legs is 27 inches plus the black lace ruffle which puts them at 28 1/2″