Lady Peacock Mardis Gras Mask


You’ll make heads turn in this stunning masquerade mask. It’s made from laser cut faux leather, with a beautiful lacy pattern and embossed detail throughout. It’s decorated with ornate metal jewelry bits and sparkling jet AB rhinestones. It’s the perfect piece to complete your costume for the masquerade ball!

Only one available.

About This Item

Have you ever bought a mask in the store – but then not been particularly fond of how it looked on you? Most mass produced masks are made with a flattened mold. It makes them much easier to ship and store, but the mask’s shape does not flatter the face! I shape each and every one of my masks myself. I give them a gorgeous curve that will perfectly frame your face. You’ll love how this mask will look on you!

I also switch out the strings. Satin strings are slippery and hard to tie. Elastic is easier – but can be a problem if you have an elaborate hairdo to work around. And both of these are prone to tiny wisps of hair getting stuck – and then when you go to remove the mask later – ouch!

The perfect masquerade mask strings are plush velvet. Mine have velvet on both sides! They don’t slip at all, and are extremely easy to tie. And the double sided velvet design means they also won’t catch any strands of hair. My masks are just as fun and easy to wear as they are beautiful!