Pretty in Pink Burlesque Belly Dance Costume


Pink may be color of cotton candy and innocence, but this cute costume takes pink from sweet to luscious! It’s perfect for the burlesque belly dance diva, with gorgeous floral pattern laces and feminine charm.


About This Item

As with all of my custom made costumes, this item isn’t one piece – it’s a 2 piece set that can be mixed and matched with other items in my costume collection, and in your wardrobe. It includes the following:

~Lace Garter Leggings~
Come on… you know you want them. 😉 The lace trimmed thigh high stocking meets wide leg flared belly dance pants in these adorable leggings. Stripes are placed vertically for a supreme slimming and curve enhancing look.

~Ruffleicious Bustle Skirt~
I’m afraid I sold out of the skirts, so it is not included in this listing.

~Bell Sleeve Shrug~
Invite a flair for the dramatic into your life with this stunning shrug. The sleeves hug your arms down past the elbow, then flare out in a full bell shape. It’s trimmed in ruffled lace around the hem of the sleeves, and stretch lace at neck and back.

~Black Garter Shorts~
Garter shorts are NOT included in this listing. If you need a pair, please purchase them separately here.

Small sizing:

Hips: 36-40″ | Waist: 26-31″ | Bust: 33-38″ | Abdomen(low waist): 34-37″ | Upper Arm: 10-11.5″