Silver Siren Mini Pirate Tricorn Hat


Plunder the high seas, Victorian style, in this gorgeous hat. It’s a historical inspired tilt hat, made of 100% wool and decorated with fancy trims. A handmade jewelry piece with a silver skull and crossbones accent adorns the front. Silver roses with a spray of coordinated feathers completes the look. It’s the perfect hat to complement your steampunk or Victorian pirate costume.

Only one available.

About This Item

Because this is a tilt hat, and it does not sit all the way on the head, it is one size fits all. The hat is made from stiffened wool for durability, and it attaches to the head with an elastic strap. The strap is black, so it won’t be noticeable in most hair colors. You can also pin this hat to the head with bobby pins, or a hat pin with an updo.

I designed this hat to match my “Silver Siren” steampunk costume, which I will post to this store very soon!  My sister makes matching jewelry too – available at

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