Steampunk Noir Fedora Tilt Hat


Delight in your dark side with this beautiful gothic hat. It is a mini fedora style inspired by the Victorian Era. You’ll love the way its pointed front accents your eyes. An ornate bronze filigree decorates the front, and in back are handmade flowers accented by a spray of elegant feathers.

Only one available.

About This Item

This is a tilt hat – and it doesn’t cover the whole head, so it’s one size fits all. It attaches to the head with a black elastic strap. It looks best with an updo or half updo, and also looks great with short curly hair. It’s an 1880’s inspired style that is perfect for completing a Gothic, Steampunk or Victorian look.

Time to Ship

I complete this piece to order, since it saves quite a bit of space to store feather sprays flat, and separately from my hats.  Typically I can do the final step in a day or so.  I can get backlogged, however, so please allow me up to one week to ship your hat.  Thank you for your patience! 🙂

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