When I went looking for pictures of belladonna skirts worn different ways, I realized that almost every picture I’ve ever taken of this skirt was with garter shorts and leggings!  It is, in my opinion, the absolute cutest way to wear this skirt.  But it can be worn with a lace underskirt for a very elegant look, and with lacy stockings for the most economical option.  It doesn’t work over a bustle because of the shape and weight of the back with the ruffle – but you can wear a bustle over the top for an interestingly Steampunk look.

It’s a super danceable design – with a full circle of fabric ending in a fluffy ruffle.

Possible Fabrics:

The ruffle is difficult to maneuver thru my machine in thick fabrics, and it doesn’t work at all in velveteen flocked fabrics, so this style is available in less fabrics than others.  The ruffle allows it to be made in a two-fabric style, however.  One common look I’ll do, which is quite cute, is use a rose Jacquard fabric for the body of the skirt, and a taffeta ruffle for the pretty two-tone sheen.  Then lace that matches the rose jacquard at the hem to tie everything together.

Possible Trims:

For durability reasons, I don’t recommend trimming belladonna skirts in venise lace.  But either lace ruffle, ribbon trim, or combination double ruffle ribbon/lace trim looks beautiful with this style.