Return Policy

I offer returns and exchanges. There are caveats, however, and I charge a small restocking fee on most returns. Please read this page in full for all the details.

If you change your mind…

If you change your mind, and you have not worn the item, please feel free to contact me within 60 days of the date of your purchase to return your item. The return will work as follows:

  1. I’ll respond with the address to send your return, and the exact amount I’m able to refund for your order.
  2. You’ll ship the item back to me.
  3. When the item arrives, I will inspect it to be sure it’s in unused and unworn condition.
  4. I will issue you a refund, minus what I paid to create your original shipping label and a restocking fee: 5% for most orders, or 20% for clearance items and photoshoot samples.

Why do you charge a restocking fee?

When you shop online from a large retailer, the cost of returns is included in what you pay online for your order. Large online retailers pay an extremely low wholesale rate for credit card processing, and interchange fees are partially refunded when they issue a return. Large sales volumes make it so that the exact cost of returns is something that can be easily calculated, and easily added into the product cost for other customers.

As a maker microbusiness, I must process credit cards with a middleman – an online payment processor (Stripe/Paypal). When I need to issue a refund, credit card processing fees are not refunded to me, making my return costs higher than the costs incurred by a large retailer. The exact cost of returns is something I can’t really calculate – as returns happen so seldom, but are quite unpredictable when they do. I’ll get zero return requests for 6 months at a time, followed by two in a week!

Rather than try to pad return costs into the prices for my creations, I prefer to cover them with a 5% restocking fee on all returns. I even offer returns on clearance items and sample sales – but on those items, the restocking fee is 20%, so that it also covers the time I’ll spend unpacking, inspecting, and relisting the item in my online store.

What if I order the wrong size?

If you order the wrong size, I’m happy to do an exchange. Please contact me within 15 days to exchange your item. Exchanges work as follows:

  1. I’ll respond with the address to return the item.
  2. You’ll ship the item back to me.
  3. When the item arrives, I will inspect it, and send the replacement in the size you want.

The cost of the exchange ends up being born half by me and half by you – you pay to return the mistakenly ordered item to me, and I pay to ship the correct size to you.

If you’re at all unsure of your size, please reach out to me! Send me your measurements and tell me what you’re interested in purchasing. I create all of my own patterns, and I’m a stickler for a perfect fit. Based on your measurements, I’ll be able to recommend your best size, or if you’re in between sizes, I’ll be able to describe exactly how each size will fit. I can help you choose your best size based on preference for a looser or tighter fit, or on how the specific item you have chosen fits differently shaped figures.

Can I return an item for a store credit?

Yes you can! The process is the same as returns for a refund, except that a store-credit return does not incur a restocking fee. I’ll have you send the item back. Once I receive and inspect it, I’ll send you a coupon code for the amount you paid, minus what I paid to ship your order.

Can I return a made-to-order item?

I’m afraid not. I do not offer returns on made-to-order items. This includes anything you order custom from me, as well as any item that I complete-to-order based on measurements – IE, costumes with sleeves attached directly to the corset. Please be sure to measure yourself carefully – and reach out to me before purchasing if you are concerned about fit. I can tweak my patterns to provide a perfect fit, even for unusual figures.

What if there’s a problem?

If I make a mistake, please disregard everything I just said! I will consider it fully my responsibility, and do whatever needs to be done to fix it for you. At no cost to you.

Thanks to a level of perfectionism bordering on neurosis, I triple check everything. Lol, I’ve been in business since 2006, and count the number of those-kind-of-returns on one hand, and have fingers left over!

I pride myself on having 100% happy customers. 🙂

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