My Faire Lady

This skirt reminds me of the billowing drapes created when an overskirt is tucked up into a bodice for a ren faire wench look – thus the name!  The style stands out among my collection as the skirt that doesn’t sacrifice any cuteness when worn by itself.  For example – “Vintage Diva” loses a lot of flair if worn without a bustle.  This skirt looks beautiful and very ladylike worn over my sheer lace underskirt – but worn alone it’s an equally cute adventuress look.

It’s totally impossible to photograph the best thing about it – the way the drapes move when you walk/dance.  They do this elegant swich/flow movement from side to side that is extremely beautiful.

I’ve tried this skirt over a bustle, and I’ve found that it loses oomph that way – since the back doesn’t swish/flow when over a bustle.   It’s full enough to go over a hoopskirt – and I have plans to try that for a new look next spring!

Possible Fabrics:

This skirt can be made from any solid fabric, but I can’t custom-order fabric for this unless you are also getting a second item – like a shrug – from the same fabric.  The pattern requires cutting an extremely long and half-width piece of fabric – so there’s a lot of waste if it isn’t a fabric I stock.

If you are getting a set of corset and skirt from me – then this skirt is absolutely available – I stock all fabrics which match my corsets.

Possible Trims:

This skirt has a curved hem in the back, so it requires a ruffled or pleated trim.  I can do a double layer trim with both lace and ribbon for a very fancy multi-color look.