Flirt and Sass Saloon Girl Fascinator Hairpiece


You’ll be full of flirt and sass in this adorable Saloon Girl fascinator hairpiece. It’s adorned to perfection with peacock feathers dyed black, beaded embroidered lace, and roses in your choice of color. Jet acrylic beads dripping from the bottom complete the look.


About This Item

To me, the best Saloon Girl hairpiece is big and over the top!  So I did a full “fan” of 5 ostrich plumes, and accented them with three black peacock feathers.

If you take a peacock feather, and first bleach it to remove most of the color, then dye it black, you get that pretty dark iridescent look.  It coordinates well with absolutely every color of roses!  For starters, I’m offering the 6 shown in the final photo above – from left to right: red, purple, pink, blue, and burgundy.

To accent this piece, I recommend a curly updo with lots of body.  Or, if you have short hair and wear it with curls close to your head roaring 20’s style, it can double as a flapper hairpiece.

Time to Ship

I complete this piece to order.  Typically I can do this step in a couple days time.  I can get backlogged, however, so please allow me up to one week to ship your hairpiece.  Thank you for your patience! 🙂