Gaslight Pinup Victorian Pirate Hat


Plunder the high seas, Victorian style, in this gorgeous ladies pirate hat. It’s made of a soft cotton poly blend and trimmed all around with lace and pleated ribbon. The sides are permanently attached to the crown so it will keep its beautiful tricorn shape. Each uptake point is adorned with a skull and crossbones set in an ornate frame.

Only one available.

About This Item

The photos where I’m wearing the hat show a prototype piece. The other photos show the style hat you will receive if you purchase this listing. If you look closely, you can see the edges are much sharper and look a lot better! I perfected my technique for making these, after a bit of practice. ^.^

It’s the perfect piece to complete your costume, and guaranteed to make you feel like a pirate queen wherever you choose to wear it.


This hat best fits heads small to medium. If you’d like to measure to be sure this will fit you, it fits heads measuring 22.5″ and below.

Made-To-Order Information Am I out of your size, or do you need a size other than what's listed? If you catch me at the right time, I offer this item made-to-order! It's not available made-to-order right now, but enter your email below, and I'll reach out to you when it is: