Ivory Tie On Bustle Petticoat


Here’s the perfect foundation piece to fulfill all your Victorian bustle daydreams. Wear it to achieve a gorgeous silhouette with my collection of Steampunk Victorian skirts.


About This Item

This bustle… is fluffy – and I do mean that in the fluffiest way possible! Because of its uber level of fluff, and my very limited studio space, I wait until the last possible second to sew the uptake points. Before that point, I’m able to fold and store it in a way that doesn’t take up so much space! So please note that it will take up to 10 business days (about two weeks) to have your bustle ready to ship.

I intended this bustle as a foundation piece – but I do believe it’s gorgeous enough to wear by itself too! It’s a tie on style bustle with long ribbons and elastic in back for a snug, comfortable fit. If you want your bustle to just brush the floor, measure from your high hips to the floor in your shoes, and round down to choose your size. If you want it to be ankle length, order one or two sizes down.

Most bustles are made from tulle. But I’ve found that tulle goes soft (and limp) the instant it gets exposed to humidity. Limp bustles are bad! So I chose a fabric that will stay fluffy for you for a very long time – crystal organza that has been heat treated for stiffness. It is still comfy against the skin, but it’s a lot stiffer than the organza you’ve seen before (if you are familiar with the fabric).


This bustle is available in these lengths:
36″, recommended for heights around 5’1-5’3″
38″, recommended for heights around 5’3-5’5″
40″, recommended for heights around 5’5-5’7″
42″, recommended for heights around 5’7-5’9″

Measure your length from high hips to the floor, in the shoes you plan to wear with your bustle.