Lady of the Web – Spider Queen Crown


In this gorgeous gothic crown, you’ll be just as beautiful as you are dangerous…

It’s made of intricate silver filigree with black ribbon roses all around. In front, a jeweled drape with a spider web theme accents your alluring eyes. Acrylic crystal gems in jet black and jet AB (peacock iridescent over black) add just the right amount of sparkle.

Only two available.

About This Item

This gothic crown is incredibly easy to wear. Simply place it where you would like the draped portion to fall in front, and then push the combs in back down into your hair. It’s mounted to a spring steel band which comfortably grips your head and stays put, even thru dancing.

It’s the perfect piece to complete a sorceress or dark faerie queen costume, and is guaranteed to help you look utterly spectacular at your special event.

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