Pixie Perfection Tutu Petticoat


You’ve always wanted to be a fairy – now you can become one! This cute tutu is made from pointy tulle bits, flaring all the way around, pixie style. Underneath is a layer of black satin fabric, for modesty.

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About This Item

Usually for me, petticoat skirt designs work like this: A cute skirt idea pops into my head, and I find a petticoat that will work to poof it out. This time, the opposite happened! I saw this petticoat/tutu at one of my wholesalers, and I designed a skirt to match!

I’ve said “you could wear this by itself!” about several of my petticoats – but this is the one that I would be most likely to wear by itself. I’d make a belt by glueing a bunch of dollar store flowers to a ribbon, and wear it with one of those cute lace-up shirts/renaissance bodices – and be good to go to the fairy festival!

Size Charts

  S M L XL
High Hips 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″

This petticoat is made in China – so the sizes are one off from my skirt sizing! If you wear a Small in my skirts, you wear a Medium in this petticoat – and so on. So if you’re a repeat customer and you already know what size you wear in my items, for this petticoat, be sure to order a size up!