If off-the-shoulder necklines are to your liking, may I suggest a gown with sleeves. I make sleeves in many beautiful patterns, for nearly every historical timeframe. Browse available styles below.

About This Item

If your event is outside in the summer, or you overheat easily, sleeves will be your most comfortable option! Even with the long styles described below, the slit designs let in the breeze, and the flowy patterns can even create breeze when you move your arms!

These sleeves are adorable for costumes and bridesmaids dresses – but I don’t recommend them for wedding dresses. They’re a little casual for that.

Swag Sleeves

These are inspired by Belle’s yellow dress in the animated Beauty and the Beast movie. These are the most economical option I have available for the top portion of your gown. They’re attached directly to the corset, they look really elegant, and they hide problem areas that can sometimes appear in the underarm area in an off-the-shoulder dress. I can make them out of most of my fabrics, and most of my trims.

Limitations: I can’t make these out of any sheer fabric, and some fabrics would feel scratchy with the design – Ribbon Embroidery Taffeta is a no-go. These could be made out of taffeta damask – but there’s a good chance that the velvety patterns would wear off on the inside over time. If you’re unconcerned with this durability issue, we could craft them out of that fabric. These require 1-3” trim on the bottom – wider or narrower won’t work.

Pixie Sleeves

These are a flowy style with a hem with three points. They work great for fairy or witch cosplays. They’re each a separate piece from the costume, and have a bit of silicone beading along the elastic on the upper arm. It helps them stay up without needing to be too tight on the upper arm.

Limitations: These can only be made out of fabric which can be gathered – which includes Taffeta, Cotton, Bridal Satin, and sheer fabrics like lace. They can’t be made from any velveteen taffetas or embroidery fabric. The elastic I use at upper arms only comes in white and black, so one of those colors will show thru if you use a sheer fabric.

Milady Sleeves

When made longer and out of flowy fabrics, my pixie sleeves look like something an elegant medieval lady might wear – so I call them by a different name. There are several hem styles available to help them coordinate with trim in varying widths and styles.

Limitations: same as Pixie sleeves above.

Pirate Sleeves

Supremely full and fluffy and with a lace-trimmed slit up each arm, Pirate sleeves are perfect for pirate, wench, and medieval costumes. I designed them to coordinate with my belladonna skirt, which I often make from two different fabrics – so pirate sleeves can be made from two different fabrics as well. Silicone beading helps these stay up perfectly without being too tight on the upper arm.

Limitations: same as Pixie/Milady sleeves above. Pirate sleeves require a flat (not ruffled) trim along the arms. If made with taffeta or cotton (fabric which is the same on both sides) it would be possible to replace the trim with embroidery jacquard ribbon for a more medieval look.

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