Belladonna Bronze Ruffle Steampunk Pirate Skirt


In this gorgeous pirate skirt, you’ll feel lovely, seductive, and just a bit dangerous. The skirt is full and oh-so-fluffy – with a full circle in the pattern, and a flirty ruffle all around that’s trimmed in black lace. In the front, it’s a miniskirt – just short enough to flash garter stocking tops. In the back, it’s long and elegant.

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About This Item

Over the years, this has been my most popular skirt design – to the point that you might see imitations being sold elsewhere.  Mine is the original version, and to my knowledge, the only one that’s made from a true full circle pattern, which is what you want for a supremely full, supremely danceable skirt design. In the photo below, I’m wearing a saloon girl look – this skirt, over a pair of fishnet lace stockings and a bustle petticoat.

It is absolutely the cutest skirt ever when worn with garter stockings!


Size Charts


High Hips 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″
Low Hips 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″ 48-52″

The back length of these skirts is 38″, recommended for heights 5’3 to 5’5 inches.

The first time I make a batch of skirts, I’ll make just one per size – Small, Medium, and Large, to test the waters. If it’s popular, I make more, and the next time, I’ll make sizes XS thru 2X, or S thru XL, depending on how much spare time I have in my schedule. I also offer this skirt made-to-measure, if you catch me when I’m about to start cutting and sewing a new batch. To be notified when custom made skirts are available, please sign up for my email newsletter below.