Black Cotton Garter Shorts


Once you try these, you’ll never want to wear a regular garter belt again! They’re as comfy as shorts, but work like a garter belt – with solid steel tabs that will hold up leggings, stockings, or thigh highs perfectly.

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About This Item

Garter shorts can be worn as lingerie. They will convert your favorite pair of thigh highs into the most comfortable (and durable) pair of tights you own. But they aren’t lingerie. They are shorts – made from the thickest stretch cotton fabric I can get my hands on. No see-thru spandex here!

The waistband is extra wide, for minimal “muffin” effect, and no slippage. The garter tabs are steel and rubber for a truly permanent grip on lace, nylon, or thin fabric. I’ve seen one of my customers (a belly dancer) do splits onstage in these with no slippage!

My pattern is totally unique, and there is a fun story behind it! You can read it here. I drafted it myself – for a butt-hugging, hip-enhancing, comfortably perfect fit. They are low rise, but high enough (particularly in back) to be 100% worry free. You’ll love the way you look (and feel) while wearing my garter shorts!

Size Charts

  XS S M L XL 2X
High Hips 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″
Low Hips 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″ 48-52″