Steampunk Noir – Black Victorian Gothic Wedding Dress


Delight in your dark side in this stunning Steampunk ball gown. It’s made of a black taffeta with velvety damask patterns throughout. The bodice is a steel boned corset, perfect for hugging your every curve, and the bustled jacket clasps over the top with an ornate bronze-buckled belt. A ruffled hoop skirt flares out at the hips in a wide beautiful bell shape. It’s the perfect gown to turn heads at a Steampunk event, a Gothic Masquerade ball, or wherever you should choose to wear it.

This is a 4 piece set which includes the following items:

  • Dress Jacket
  • Bustle Overskirt
  • Ruffled Hoop Underskirt
  • Black Satin Hourglass Corset

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About This Design

Please note – the jacket and skirt in the sample gown were made from different bolts of fabric.  The color of the flocking patterns is not a complete match.  My new bolt of black fabric is the fabric shown in the skirt with darker velvet patterns, so if you order black, that is the color you will receive.  There’s also been a slight change in the belted design.  All new jackets will be made with the belt attached at the back seams instead of side seams, so that the belt has some extra adjustability.


Please take your measurements (instructions here).  Choose the size that the majority of your measurements fit within.

XS S M L XL 2X 3X 4X
Bust 31-33″ 33-36″ 36-39″ 39-42″ 42-45″ 45-48″ 48-52″ 52-56″
Waist 24-27″ 27-30″ 30-33″ 33-36″ 36-39″ 39-43″ 43-47″ 47-51″
High Hips 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″ 48-52″ 52-56″
Low Hips 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″ 48-52″ 52-56″ 56-60″
Upper Arm 9-11″ 10-12″ 11-13″ 12-14″ 13-15″ 14-16″ 15-17.5″ 16.5-19″

Also please provide your measurements to me when you check out, so I can tweak my patterns as needed to fit you perfectly.

The hoop underskirt is about 38 inches in length.  You can place it higher or lower on your hips, and with this bit of adjustment, it fits heights from about 5’4-5’7″ with flats, or about 5’2-5’5″ with heels.

As-Pictured Discount

The price in this listing is discounted (10% off each handmade item), as it’s a bit faster to make something I’ve made before, and requires less time spent communicating what I’m making for you.  The full price you see in this listing is what you should expect for a custom gown based on this design with different fabrics and/or trims, and/or alterations to the style of sleeves, skirt, etc.

Matching Hat

The perfect hat to match this look is my wool fedora tilt hat.  I can even adorn the front with a jewelry bit that is a near-perfect match for the jacket’s belt buckle!  Check the “Add a Hat” box, and I’ll custom make this hat to match your gown.

Frequently asked questions

Are there alternate fabrics available for this dress?

Yes, quite a few!  It’s possible to make this gown with most of my fabrics.  I most recommend any of the following: Swirl Velveteen Taffeta, Zebra/Tiger Velveteen Taffeta, or Imperial Jacquard for this look.  Photos of each fabric coming soon!

Can you make this item with a different color trim (IE, without black)?

Yes I can – for some colors.  The main limitation on this design is that the belt must match both trim and corset for the best look.

With alterations to the exact style of the belt, this design can be made with ivory trim, tan trim, red trim, or dark brown trim (possibly with a change to the skirt style – the hoop skirt does not come in all of those colors!).  Depending on how closely the colors match, we may want to do doubled trim (pleated ribbon over contrasting lace) for the best look, as seen in this similar gown design.

I already have a corset.  Can I order just the jacket and skirt?

Unless you own one of my exclusive hourglass corsets, the jacket most likely won’t fit over the top.  Both my corset and jacket pattern are unique (I draft all my own patterns) and thus, my jackets do not fit properly over corsets from other shops.   They also do not fit natural form (uncorseted).

Made-To-Order Information Am I out of your size, or do you need a size other than what's listed? If you catch me at the right time, I offer this item made-to-order! It's not available made-to-order right now, but enter your email below, and I'll reach out to you when it is: