White Steampunk Cage Skirt


Here’s a cage skirt – in uber hard to find eggshell white! Wear it to add a bit of punk to a Steampunk or Rococopunk costume.

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About This Item

This cage petticoat is an awesomely high quality piece. The cage is made of faux leather, and the overskirt portion is made from a blouse-weight poly fabric (not lining fabric, like most petticoats!) I’ve put it in my “underthings” category because it looks adorable underneath any skirt from my “Petticoat” line – but really, you could 100% wear this by itself!

It’s eggshell white – so the actual color is slightly darker than pure white, but lighter than ivory. Which is why I have yet to design a skirt to match. One of these days, however, I plan to pair this with a cute blue cotton overskirt – and make a Steampunk Alice in Wonderland costume. ^.^

Size Charts

  S / M L / XL
High Hips 31-35″ 35-41″

This petticoat is made in China – so the sizes are one off from my skirt sizing! If you wear a Small in my skirts, you wear a Medium in this petticoat – and so on. So if you’re a repeat customer and you already know what size you wear in my items, for this petticoat, be sure to order a size up!