Tinker Belle Victorian Fairy Skirt


You’ll be the belle of the fairy ball in this adorable skirt. It’s a Victorian-inspired design with a draping pleated front, and a back reminiscent of tuxedo tails.

Please note – the petticoats shown in the photos are not included! You can purchase them separately here.

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About This Item

You can’t wear this skirt by itself! It’s part of my petticoat/hoop skirt line – and a skirt that’s full enough to look pretty over hoops will catch on your knees when you walk, if you wear it by itself.

But, it will look beautiful over almost any petticoat or hoop skirt that’s at least as long as your knees, and somewhat full and fluffy. If you don’t already have a petticoat that will work, you can purchase one right here. The first two photos above show this skirt worn with my Pixie Petticoat. The last two photos above show the skirt worn with my Cage Petticoat. In my shop’s petticoat section, the Satin Trimmed styles are too short – but any of the others will work!


Size Charts


High Hips 31-33″ 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″
Low Hips 33-35″ 35-38″ 38-41″ 41-44″ 44-48″ 48-52″

The first time I make a batch of skirts, I’ll make just one per size – Small, Medium, and Large, to test the waters. If it’s popular, I make more, and the next time, I’ll make sizes XS thru 2X, or S thru XL, depending on how much spare time I have in my schedule. I also offer this skirt made-to-measure, if you catch me when I’m about to start cutting and sewing a new batch. To be notified when custom made skirts are available, please sign up for my email newsletter below.