About My Designs

“You have so many pretty things. How do I choose?”

You might be surprised how often people ask me a question along those lines. So I thought I would write a series on my blog to help narrow down the possibilities.

The “Dress” in this picture is actually a 5 piece set of matching items. (6 pieces with the hat!)

Everything I make comes in pieces. I design this way for several reasons:


Dresses that come in pieces can be later worn in a different combination. It’s so cool to be able to switch out accessories and underthings, and have a whole new look!


Pieces means options – and if you have the ability to splurge, you can get them all, and have the whole “Deluxe” set. But if you are on a budget, you’ll love having the “Basic” option, which is all you need for a gorgeous look.


If I make all the pieces separately, I can offer mix and match sizes, and even do some last minute sewing customizations. It’s a friggin Victorian/Fantasy ball gown, and I want it to fit you like a DREAM!

Corset Dress Silhouettes

I tend to categorize my designs based on the silhouette, or basic shape of the skirt. My corset dresses can be categorized into 5 silhouettes:

If you have a penchant for Steampunk and Victorian stylings, you want a bustle silhouette.

  • Full fluffy backs, which look adorable with a bustle
  • Cute worn all by themselves too
  • Wear over a mermaid skirt or petticoat for a full length look
  • Full length bustle gowns available too

Blend a bit of Lolita into your look with a petticoat silhouette.

  • Patterns fluffy and full to wear over a petticoat
  • Several petticoat styles available
  • Yes, one of my petticoat styles IS a cage skirt!
  • Interchangeable fronts and backs… Oh the possibilities!

For a look that’s just as practical as it is adorable, go with a skirt with a high low silhouette.

  • Shows off your legs oh-so-nicely
  • SMEXY when worn with garter shorts.
  • Elegant when worn with a lace mermaid skirt
  • or perfectly cute worn alone, too!

To feel elegantly all-lady, choose a skirt with a flowy silhouette.

Nothing is more fun to wear than a hoop skirt!

  • Oh so full and fluffy, for a beautiful bell shape
  • Victorian-inspired styles for Steampunk adventures
  • Medieval and Renaissance-inspired styles for fantasy adventures
  • Because sometimes, you just want to go all out.

Next, I plan to write posts outlining all available options for each of my corset dresses, starting with Victorian Steampunk Bustle gowns. I’ll add links to each to this page once the posts are ready. Please stay tuned!

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