Gothic Delight Victorian Wedding Dress

Over the years, “Victorian Vixen” has been my most popular jacket:

And “Vintage Diva” has been my most popular skirt!

But for some reason, I never put the two of them together into one costume – with the exception of the following dress, where I used a different fabric:

So I thought I’d rectify that, and I made this dress!

I also added a little detail that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I have this cool technique that I use to make hitch-able skirts. I attach ribbons on the inside, and each ribbon has a hook attached. Then there are loops at the waist area. When you attach the hook to the loops at the waist area, the skirt is not only hitched to a shorter length, but you also wind up with this beautiful drapey effect – caused by how the ribbons are gathered up in back.

The jacket back with this look is hitchable! Of course, I forgot to take pictures of it hitched – but you can see that it is a little bit longer than my jackets usually are – a bit too long to be able to dance in, but hitching it will fix that!

I’ll be putting this on my dress form soon to get photos to post the sample for sale in my store, and I will be sure to hitch the skirt, so you can see what it looks like!

My goal with this look was to create an iconic Gothic Victorian Wedding Dress. I do believe I succeeded!

The hat pictured here is a tilt mini-fedora style. These are technically limited-edition (I don’t plan to order more of the bases once they run out) – but I have a very large number of them still, so I anticipate it will be available for a very long time.

As always, jewelry by my sister! You can see more of her work at

This dress is a size Medium, and once I get those dress form pictures taken, I will post the sample for sale (50% off custom-made price as I do with all my sample gowns) in this section of my online store!

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