Custom Orders

Custom Costumes

I’m afraid that I’m not currently offering custom orders.

I have two kids – one with special needs – so when school goes virtual, Mom becomes a virtual learning assistant! Things are starting to look up, however. Both kids are currently going to school in-person, and fingers crossed, they will be able to stay that way through the spring.

When it comes to the day-to-day aspects of my business, I’m behind by rather a lot, however. I have a year of in-stock sewing to catch up on, a year of photoshoots to catch up on once it gets warm again, and more. I will be a busy busy woman during 2021!

Sewing works like this:

  • Time to make 1 dress: X hours.
  • Time to make 2 dresses of the same kind: X.5 hours
  • Time to make 3 dresses of the same kind: X.75 hours

When I make things in batches of several things, same fabric, same trim, I get much much more done!

At present, I must streamline my sewing process as much as possible. So I currently only offer pre-orders. You can find out more about pre-orders here.

Information on custom orders

I’m not currently accepting custom orders, but I thought I’d still explain how they work, for future reference. Many of my custom commissions are wedding dresses, and I know that brides will plan weddings out several years in advance! So here are the frequently asked questions I get on custom orders:

I have a photo/drawing/etc of the dress I want. Can you make it for me?

I’m afraid not. I only offer custom made versions of my own designs. You can see examples of them in the photoshoots section of my blog.

Do you offer plus sizes?

Yes I do! I’ve drafted my dress jackets and bolero shrugs in sizes from XS to 4X, and most of my skirts come in XS thru 6X.

Can you custom make just a skirt/jacket/etc for me?

I’m afraid not. Very occasionally I’ll offer skirts or jackets on a pre-order basis, from specific fabric and trim combinations. Other than that, I’m afraid that I stay too busy with full gown orders to be able to offer single items made to order.

I’m very tall/short or have an unusual figure. Can you make something to fit me?

Absolutely. I’ll have you take a few extra measurements to determine how best to tweak one of my existing patterns so that it fits you.