Victorian Passion Photo Shoot

When I get an offer to bring my designs to a place that has actual crystal chandeliers – what do I say?

Why, I’ll be there, with bells on!

ball gowns by auralynne

As soon as I knew about the chandeliers, and the awesome level of fancy perfection to the location, I decided that gowns featuring my new slit skirts would be the perfect thing to bring.  I LOVE how they look in the photo above – lending a very modern hint of saucy seduction to an otherwise historical scene.

gown by auralynne

The model in these photos is Stephanie Allison, and the gown is a design I’m calling “Victorian Passion.”

gown by auralynne gown by auralynne

And up next, my leather taffeta ballgown!  Because leather and taffeta are absolutely meant to be together.

gown by auralynne

The gown is modeled by Lish Ventura, and can be made in a plethora of gorgeous taffeta colors.  It’s posted in my etsy shop here.

gown by auralynne gown by auralynne

And last, comes my personal favorite gown design for the day, modeled by Tricia Eva Lore.

gown by auralynne

I’m happy with how I managed to line these shots up to show as much pretty chandelier-age from the ballroom as possible, by using the reflections in the mirror.  Tricia’s gown is also available custom made to measure in either white/black (as pictured) and ivory/black, for those who prefer warm over cool colors.

gown by auralynnegown by auralynne

The location and the photoshoot were thanks to Eric Baird of Behind the Lens Photography Workshops.  There were quite a few photographers in attendance, and some amazing photos and a fun time were had by all!  While there, I was happy to catch some useful photography tips, and learn some great information about lighting setups, and posing, and such.

Photo Credits:

Model (green) Stephanie Allison, hair by Ky Elizabeth Maxim, MUA model

Model (burgundy) Lish Ventura, hair and MUA model

Model (white) Tricia Eva Lore, hair by me, MUA model


Thanks to everyone involved for an amazing day!  😀

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