A cold day at Avery (Part 1)

Yesterday was photo day – and we had one takeaway point for the day:  The shoreline is very cold in November.

The weather man was a big fat liar – because it was supposed to be in the 60’s!  Instead it was 55 and very windy (our fault, for choosing a mansion by the coast for our shoot.)  But luckily one of my brand new items to debut in this photo shoot was this cloak.

White Bridal Gown by auralynne

I love the look of a long flowing medieval cloak, it’s just so elegant and beautiful.

White Bridal Gown by auralynne

But I also love Victorian style capelets, I mean… BOW!

White Bridal Gown by auralynne

What’s not to love about that level of cuteness?  I came up with this design to try and combine the two.  I make a ton of high-low skirts, so I thought, I bet I could develop a high low cloak pattern!  I’m super pleased with the result.

White Bridal Gown by auralynneWhite Bridal Gown by auralynne

It was very difficult to choose a favorite from this shoot – because so many of them were so good!  But here’s one of my favorites:

White Bridal Gown by auralynne

These next pictures show off the gown she was wearing.  It’s a design very similar to Victorian Vixen – but in white, and I crafted a bustle skirt in satin to match.

White Bridal Gown by auralynne White Bridal Gown by auralynne White Bridal Gown by auralynne

The below photo I kept zoomed out because of the pretty setting, and I love how her pose makes it look like she’s dancing.  Photos were taken at UCONN’s Avery Point campus.  There’s a gorgeous mansion out there – and no one seems to mind two weirdly dressed girls coming to the grounds to snap photos of eachother!

White Bridal Gown by auralynne


Photography, gown design: auralynne
Jewelry artist, model: Andrea Daunis of Vixen’s Delight
Hat: Mad Rose Hattery

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