Masquerade Ball Dress – Dark Allure

I’ve been meaning to make a masquerade ball dress like this for rather a long time now – and I finally got around to it early last fall.

If you look closely, you might recognize my “Vintage Diva” Victorian bustle dress.  It’s made from the same pattern.  I love how different a gown can look when you switch up the fabric and trim.

I made this Gothic masquerade dress in forest green, but I could also make it in all black, Burgundy, purple, and a few others.

The exact dress in the photos has sold, but I offer the style made to order here.

The masquerade mask is handmade also.  I used a purchased mask, but made a rolled flower from coordinating taffeta fabric.  The flower/feather piece clips to the side of the mask.

If you are searching for custom Masquerade party attire, feel free to contact me.  I’d love to create something awesome for you.  🙂



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