Faerie Circle Fantasy Coloring Page

The coloring page I’m sharing today is rather special (to me at least)! It shows something that’s been in my imagination for quite a while. It shows a scene I want to create in my backyard someday (when I have a yard!)

Ok – so the giant mushrooms would be impossible, unless I carved fake ones, lol! But maybe replace them with a ring of plants that are either bioluminescent (glow in the dark) or flowers that bloom at night, and we’d have my dream fairy circle spot. The spiral rocks in the circle-shaped clearing are something I could easily create. Add a standing fire pit and some seating, and we’d have both a very practical outdoor entertaining area, and the ability to remove it all for faerie ball purposes!

Someday. 🙂

This is the fourth of my first four coloring pages – and so far, they’ve all been distinctly fantasy themed! Next, I have several Alice in Wonderland ideas – one for each character – that should be fun to draw.

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