Steampunk Goggles (Printable)

How about a random printable steampunk craft project?  I made these for Springfield Steampunk Festival (Vermont) last year – in response to their request that all vendors have a small simple kid’s craft project at their table.


They print out to about the right size for older toddler up to about a small woman’s head size.  When I gave them out, I included a baggie containing all the other needed items – but to print and make these at home, you’ll need the following:

Card Stock

Black and Metallic sharpie markers (if you wish to decorate your goggles)

Black elastic (1/4″) – cut one piece to 2″, and the other piece to 14″ (adult) or 13″ (older child) or 12″ (young child)

Mini Paper Fasteners

And, of course, the printable files:

When decorated with marker swirls and gears, they can look quite cute for cardboard goggles!

goggles-3 goggles-1