#FridayFun is starting!

The world is a crazy, crazy place right now.  I want to help – but not really sure what I can do.

I read somewhere that with kids everywhere having virtual school, classes like art were going to fall by the wayside.

And I thought, hmmm, I can easily be my kids art teacher for a few weeks – so no worries there.

And then, I had an idea!  Starting now, and every Friday, I’m going to make something fun that you can print/color/create at home.

Lol, I had this idea at exactly 6:28 this morning – so no time to make a brand new one today!  But – I happen to have made these awesome printable/papercraft steampunk goggles back in 2016.  So they’ll work great for today’s share!

To make these, you’ll need the following:

  • Card stock
  • Black and metallic markers (if you wish to decorate your goggles)
  • Black elastic – one piece 2″ long, and the other piece 14″ (adult), or 13″ (older child), or 12″ (young child)
  • Mini paper fasteners
  • 1/8″ hole punch
  • And of course, the printable files:

Instructions on how to make the goggles will be right on the page when you print them.

I decorated the goggles in my pictures, by adding dots around the edges, swirls, and steampunk gears. Gears are rather easy to draw! Here’s basic instructions. To draw a small gear, first draw a circle:

Then draw dots all the way around on the outside, like this:

To draw a large gear, draw a small circle, then a large circle around the outside, like so:

Draw spokes – lines around the outside. You can draw 3 lines, or 4 lines, or 5 lines, or 6 lines.

And draw dots around the outside:

You can leave them just like the above photo, or go one extra step, and color in a curved shape on the inside, like this:

I hope you enjoyed this little project, and I’ll be back next week with something new!

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