Announcing… Pre-Orders!

The face I portray to the world might be the queen of costumes – but privately, I’m a mom of two boys.  

Photo of my boys in a swing
My boys. This pic captures their personalities well – Technology obsessed Tristan, and JJ the ham!

It’s important to me to be there for them when they get out of school.  So I create all my pretty things from a home studio.

We’re looking for a house this year – but for now there is a challenge – all of my materials and in-stock costumes have to fit within a very small space!

I outgrew this space quite a while ago.  (Like, two years ago!)  I’ve been hanging on by my teeth by sewing a lot of custom orders – and trying not to have too much left over fabric and trim when I’m done with each of them.

I followed that path to its conclusion – which turned out to be very long hours, terrible hourly pay, a disorganized overstuffed workspace, and a lot of private frustration for me.

Overstuffed Stock Closet
Ikea shelving helps me fit pretty things from floor to ceiling in my cramped stock closet.

It led to me discontinuing custom orders.  But that introduced a big problem!  I can’t stock plus sizes (small studio, remember?) except on my most popular designs.

And if I had to choose my #1 priority – it would be making my pretty things available to as many people as possible.  If you are plus sized, believe me, you are the last person I want to exclude.

Also, there are some of my designs (full length skirts, for instance) that should really be made to your measurements.  The downside to using all that pretty lace at the hem, is you don’t want to be stepping on it!

I thought on it for quite a while, and came up with:


I’m working on starting an email newsletter.  That newsletter will contain (among other things) a secret link.  Each month, I’ll offer exactly one fabric and trim combination available for custom orders.  Usually it will be just one style that’s available – but I’ll offer choices in styles sometimes too.

This way I can continue to offer items made just for you – but in a way that doesn’t eat all my time!

Made-To-Order Information Am I out of your size, or do you need a size other than what's listed? If you catch me at the right time, I offer this item made-to-order! It's not available made-to-order right now, but enter your email below, and I'll reach out to you when it is: