Gothic Temptation Shoot (Part 2)

Let it be known to everyone reading this post that my sister…

Is a dork.

Lol we usually wind up with a few pictures like this when we take photo shoots.IMG_2540This was the initial result of me telling her “ooo hold onto the gate and look playful!”

Several poses later, and I’m shaking my head and saying “No, that looks constipated.  Playful, Andrea, playful!”

To which she replies, “Okay, constipated.  I can do constipated!  How is this?”


It turns out she is better suited to vixen-ly and elegant lady poses, like these:


Gown by me, it’s my “Gothic Temptation” Victorian bridal ensemble.  The jewelry is my sister’s Faery Rose necklace set.  And the hat is also from another “sister” shop – the Plum Flutterby Teardrop hat.


And finally, here’s my absolute favorite shot from the day.  I took two of it – one zoomed in and one zoomed way out because aaaaaah the pretty the pretty!


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