Let’s try to help some Ukranian Etsy Sellers

Isn’t that quote incredible? It went viral, because an old Ukrainian lady walked right up to Russian soldiers, and said that to them as she handed them the seeds.

That’s some serious crone energy right there.

It’s a horribly helpless feeling watching what’s happening to our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. I don’t normally talk about current events, but this is too important.

My favorite Ukrainian Etsy Seller is Dress Art Mystery. I went there yesterday to look, and it told me she was taking a “short break” – which means she put her shop in “Vacation Mode” on Etsy.

You probably don’t know this, but Etsy punishes you for going on vacation. When you put your shop on hold like that, they’ll completely reset your place in the search algorithm. Your items will all be on the very last page, and you’ll have to work so hard to get them back up again. It can take a few weeks, or even a few months to recover and start making regular sales again.

I assumed there would be lots of Ukrainian sellers on vacation mode, and I had the thought of some things we could do to help them get their search rankings back. I posted about it on my blog yesterday. And then I went and sent an email newsletter to everyone on my list without checking if Dress Art Mystery’s shop had come online again!

She’s back online on Etsy now though as of Thursday morning, so everything must be less bad than I thought. So I’m simply going to share her shop on social media today. And I remembered a second awesome Ukrainian shop that I can share tomorrow (who is also online). If you have a favorite shop from Ukraine, send it to me via email/comment/etc, and I will share it too!

When have shared all the shops you send me, I will also add a gallery with links to them here. 🙂

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