My Sweet 16 Sketchbook

I present this picture as proof positive that I haven’t changed much: 

Victorian Lady in Red and Black

At least, what I like hasn’t changed much!  Yes, Kristina Post is me – my maiden name in the muggle world.  I found this folder marked “Really OLD!” while I was going thru stuff – and lo and behold, it contained my artbook from 98-99, when I was only 16.

A lot of them were drawings, like the one above.  Based on my current artistic eye, I think the best one was this:

Victorian Era Hiking

And another honorable mention:

Victorian Lady in Blue Bustle Dress

But the coolest thing about this find is that it also contained a bunch of my fashion sketches from even earlier – when I first started sewing – like these:

And this one was even cooler – because I found both the sketch: 

Two Regency Ladies

And my doodles when I was thinking of how I would draft the pattern for the jacket!

Spencer Jacket Pattern Plan

I really haven’t changed much, lol.  Although I definitely design sexier things now!  All in all, I think that if 16 year old me were to meet 36 year old me, she would approve.  ^.^  And that’s kind of an awesome thing to be able to say!

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