Sassy in Red Saloon Girl Costume

It just so happens that my designs make the best stinking saloon girl costume… ever! 😉

Red Victorian Saloon Girl Costume

But getting saloon girl photos is rather difficult. I love outdoor photo spots, and there’s nothing near me that looks Wild West! Here in New England, we’ve got a ton of amazing natural scenery. There are spots that are perfect for woodland fantasy, nearly every historical era (while we don’t have in actual historical castles, we have reproductions!), amazingly creepy Halloween spots, gorgeous gardens, and more! But deserts and that wind-and-sun-weathered ghost town look is something you don’t really find out here.

Victorian Saloon Girl Costume
Saloon Girl Bustle Dress

These photos are snapped at Wilcox Park in Westerly RI. There’s a cute caretaker’s cottage there with a front porch that’s painted brick red. It’s way too much lush green for a true Victorian Wild West look – but I had to work with what I had!

Victorian Saloon Girl Costume

And the weathered boards beneath my feet and the painted Victorian-era wooden porch at least look saloon-ish. 🙂

Saloon Girl Fascinator Closeup

Usually I’m wearing my sister’s jewelry – but this time, we failed to coordinate before the shoot. So I whipped up this choker necklace with some hat and crown making supplies I had lying around. It was safety pinned together behind my neck! I think I’m going to turn it into an amazing cloak fastening later this year. ^.^

And here’s my absolute favorite photo of the day – totally getting into character in this shot!

Sassy Red Saloon Girl Costume

This set is going to be one of my first designs that I can offer in all sizes – including plus sizes! I started a big batch of the skirts just before everything went crazy – and I had to prioritize everything else in life. Once things slow down, I hope to be able to complete them and add them into my store. There’s also just one left from the previous batch (a size Medium) in my Etsy shop.

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