Steampunk Pirate Costume – Airship Minx

I made a Steampunk pirate costume!Steampunk Pirate Costume

My “belladonna” skirt is I believe the #1 skirt I make which makes me think of pirates.  So it’s the one I wore here.

Steampunk Pirate Costume

The sleeves are completely one-of-a-kind.  Each time I design and make something new, it gets a “cuteness to cost ratio” based on how long it takes to make it, vs how cute it looks!  Lol these turned out cute, but waaaay too time consuming, so I will not make them again.  Instead I’m working on a new similar design that is both cuter, more flattering, and takes less time to make, so I’m able to offer a better price.  ^.^Steampunk Pirate Costume

Steampunk Pirate Costume

The pirate hat in the photos is also a handmade creation.  I’ll hopefully get a few made and posted in my etsy shop soon!

Steampunk Pirate Costume Steampunk Pirate Costume

I made just a couple of these and sold some over Halloween – but I still have a couple left, and the costume can also be custom ordered.  It’s available here.

Steampunk Pirate Costume

Jewelry by my sister, Vixen’s Delight.

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