Black and Silver Steampunk Pirate Costume

This costume has been in the back of my head for a very long time.

The actual dress design is from all the way back in 2013!

Pretty much since the day I made it, I thought – wow, this would make a really cool pirate costume!  But I never got around to actually completing all the accessories to turn it into a pirate costume, and take the photos.

Then last year I designed these adorable sleeves.  And after I made the prototype pair and saw just how wonderfully pirate-y they look, I decided it’s time to take that photoshoot I’ve been thinking of for so long.

It also helped that when I placed my last order of pirate hat bases, there was a single hat that was randomly larger than the rest – and therefore it fit my big head, lol.

As always – jewelry by my sister – well, mostly, this time!  I called her before setting up this shoot, and she had sold out of every pirate set she makes with no time to make a new one for the photoshoot.  So I asked her if she could instead just bring me a few pirate charms.

This jewelry was her Christmas present to me in 2018.  It originally contained gothic medieval dagger charms.  But I thought, the steel roses thing would be awesome for a lady pirate too – “Rose of the Sea” or something like that.  So I switched them out for the photoshoot.

Lol, we posted a photo of the jewelry on our social media, and she sold one as a custom order that same day!  So it’s become a permanent part of her collection.  🙂

And this pirate set will most definitely be a permanent part of my own collection.  You can purchase your own set here!

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