Gothic Victorian Alice in Wonderland Costume

I quite love how this Alice in wonderland costume turned out!

It’s really an updated version of this design from 2018.  I loved and still love the original look – but I wanted to make a couple tweaks that would reduce the time it takes me to make it – and thus make the design more affordable to all my lovely customers! ^.^

The skirt is my ever-popular “Vintage Diva” skirt – worn over this adorable petticoat that I found at a wedding wholesaler.

Normally Alice wears a headband (and last time I made one) but this time, I wanted to try something a little different, so I made a hat!

And of course, my sister made some gorgeous matching jewelry for me.  I love all the little Alice in Wonderland Tea Party charms!

We took these photos at Wilcox Park (very near me in Westerly, RI.)  It’s a Victorian era walking park – so there is a lot of scenery there that meshes quite well with my designs.

Haha I can’t seem to make one Alice costume without getting ideas for another!  Or another two!  So I thought I’d close this post by sharing a couple sketches, to give you a little preview of what I’ll most likely make next time I get a hankering for Wonderland. 

The differences are very subtle as black and white sketches – but the fabrics I have in mind for them will make each one unique!  The one on the left would be made from similar fabrics as the alice costume from this photoshoot, and a corset with the black accents, but also with silver buckles for a more Steampunk look.  The one on the right would be more Steampunk – with bronze buckle accents, and all blue and white or ivory.

I’m unsure which one I want to make first.  Which would you prefer?  🙂

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