Fantasy Costume – Elven Enchantment

Elven Wedding dress

Hey look… I’m an elf!  This is a fantasy costume I made YEARS ago, that has been sitting in my closet all this time because I didn’t know what to do with it!

Elven Wedding Dress

You see, fantasy dresses aren’t really my focus.  And I tend to stay pretty busy with my Victorian/Steampunk stuff, without much time left over for drafting a whole new line of different patterns.

Elven Wedding Dress

I made this fantasy wedding dress for a collaborative project, and since I didn’t have  plans to ever make another, it went in the back of my stock closet.  But this year I’ve been trying to branch out, and make new styles of dresses.

Elven Wedding Dress Elven Wedding Dress

I had bought myself elf ears for a fairy festival we attended earlier in the year.  On a whim, I tried on the wig in the photos, the ears, and dug the dress out of the closet to see how it would all look together.  I saw myself in the mirror, and was like OMG – it’s nearly perfect for an elven wedding dress!

Elven Wedding Dress Elven Wedding Dress

I can’t exactly duplicate this dress for a custom order.  It is one of a kind!  But I do have plans to make a replacement style, which will be part of my line of fantasy ball gowns coming in 2019.

Elven Wedding Dress

The dress in these pictures is posted for sale here.

Elven Wedding Headdress

The jewelry is by my sister, Vixen’s Delight.

Elven Wedding Jewelry



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